In this Post I’m going to analyze Handwritten digits using 2 Machine learning Algorithm i.e

  1. KNN Algorithm
  2. Support Vector Machine(SVM)

I have used the scikit-learn library and matplotlib library of python to perform this project and used a scikit-learn predefined dataset load_digits.

For Implementing Python code, I have used Jupyter Notebook.

The hypothesis to be tested: The Digits data set of scikit-learn library provides numerous data-sets that are useful for testing many problems of data analysis and prediction of the results. Some Scientist claims that it predicts the digit accurately 95% of the times. …

In this post, I am going to analyze the data from the Weather data-set of Finland, a country in Northern Europe. The dataset has hourly temperature recorded for the last 10 years starting from 2006–04–01 00:00:00.000 +0200 to 2016–09–09 23:00:00.000 +0200. You can find the data-set on Kaggle. I am going to use the pandas and the matplotlib libraries of Python.

A null hypothesis to be considered is : “Ho : Has the Apparent temperature and humidity compared monthly across 10 years of the data indicate an increase due to Global warming”

The Ho means we need to find whether…

What is Market Basket Analysis?

Market basket analysis is a technique used by retailers to find patterns in customer behavior based on their history of transactions .It is used to determine what items are frequently bought together or placed in the same basket by customers. It uses this purchase information to leverage effectiveness of sales and marketing. Market basket Analysis(MBA) looks for combinations of products that frequently occur in purchases and has been prolifically used since the introduction of electronic point of sale systems that have allowed the collection of immense amounts of data.

Types Of Market Basket Analysis:

  • Predictive MBA is used to classify cliques of item purchases, events…

Ayush Ghadiya

A Information Technology Student with a focus in Data Science, Machine Learning, Android Development

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